Know your property is protected with our guarantees

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Happiness Guarantee

We work hard to provide a 5-Star experience for all our clients. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your service with us, you can cancel your agreement at any time with no penalties.

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Results Guarantee

You don’t pay us until we show results! If we are leasing your property for you, we do all the work up front and you don’t pay us until you get a qualified tenant. That means we take care of the photography, develop the pricing and marketing plan and aggressively market and show your property, screen the tenants, handle all of the paperwork and perform a move in inspection...all before we get paid anything.

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Leasing Guarantee

We guarantee our tenants for the duration of the lease term. If a tenant leaves early, we will credit back the “unused” portion of the lease fee. While life happens, and tenants take jobs in other cities and have to move, our clients typically lose none of the expected annual income when a tenant has to leave their lease early.

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Distribution of Funds Guarantee

We guarantee you will receive all funds due to you for a given month by the 15th of the month or that month’s management fee is FREE.

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Eviction Guarantee

We guarantee our screening process and will cover all attorney’s fees for filing the Dispossessory Warrant and Writ of Possession should we need to evict a tenant from your property.