Apartment Tenant

First of all, thank you so much for the time you've given this and the clarification on the whole thing. I really appreciate it, and it all makes sense….

This is one of those great situations where we're both right. The bottom line is the bottom line either way as all those things are still included in the rent. It's just two sides of the same coin! :)  I truly appreciate you going to bat for me, and I am more than happy to agree to the rent renewal.

Again, thanks for the thoughtful email and call. I really appreciate it. So many landlords/managers are trolls; you're not, and I am grateful.

D.L., Tenant of 5 Years

Atlanta, GA

Managed then Sold Single Family Home

Your Intown Home managed my rental home for two and a half years and ultimately sold it for me when the time was right.  

They did an excellent job of finding tenants and resolving any issues in regards to the property.   They treated my investment property with same care and attention they would have done for their own property.  

In the end, Cam McCaa did a great job of marketing and negotiating the sale of the home.  He was able to sell the property in less than one month and above asking price!  I would highly recommend Cam and Your Intown Home team for the property management and/or sale of your rental home.

O Walsh
Atlanta Home Owner

Apartment Resident

I just wanted to say thanks for the prompt fix on the heaters at my apartment, and for your customer service in general. I have been very impressed by the job you all do. In fact, I was recently having a casual conversation with a stranger and happened to mention that I had just moved to the area. She asked where I lived in particular and - long-story-short - it came out that the property I lived in was managed by Your Intown Home. It turned out that she had lived for many years in a property managed by you all and had lots of positive things to say about your group in general and Cameron in particular. I've lived in my fair share of apartments, and I would guess that kind of enthusiasm is pretty rare among ex-tenants of many property management groups in the Atlanta-area.
Thanks again,
KK, resident

Alta Ave, Atlanta, GA

Managed Condo 3 Years Sold it Overnight!

Cam McCaa was recommended to us by a friend.  He and his company, Your Intown Home, managed our condo for just shy of 3 years, raising the rents to keep up with the rising market. 

When we decided to sell, Cam and the Your Intown Home Team, helped us prepare the home for the market and found an all-cash buyer who had been looking to rent from them. 

The condo was under contract in 6 days and sale was closed in 21 days…could be a record!!


Home-Owner Client

Edna (Maintenance Coordinator) Rocks!!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Edna touching base about the washing machine...I know I'm not your typical client and the extra effort that takes is not lost on me!  Got it all squared away, and saved me $75! Many thanks!

Diane R, Atlanta

Townhome Resident After Fire Damage

The deck looks great! Thank you for arranging that work! 
I will send you the report when I get to my office today. I apologize, I forgot to send it when I received it.
Thanks again Cam. I appreciate all of your help!

SS, Inman Park Resident

Apartment Owner

Your marketing is excellent!  We believe our rental income will be at an all time high and you have kept a weather eye on expenses, so dear to our heart.  We believe you have managed well.
-- FIH, Investor

Tenant at Move-Out

Thanks, Cam! You guys have been awesome and we appreciate it. Our new address is xxxxx, Atlanta, 30327. When we get ready to buy again, we will definitely keep you in mind!! Thanks again for all your help. 

JK, Atlanta

Home Owner living in California

Great Agent for Sales and Rentals...Allowed us to time things perfectly!!

Thanks Cam for taking the headache out of living in California and owning property in Atlanta by managing our property for several years and then helping us evaluate the market with your Crossroads Program when we were ready to sell.  And then to find buyers in the first two weeks!!  Amazing!

I can’t believe we were able to do all of this without ever meeting face-to-face!  I would recommend Your Intown Home to anyone looking for Management or Home Sales in Atlanta’s in town neighborhoods. 

S Markowski, San Francisco

Duplex Tenant, Lenox Park

I've loved living in this house and will miss it! Thanks for making the rental experience such a pleasure.

Jessica P

Property Manager

“I have been in the process of retiring for the past 2 years or so and passing the management of my properties on to a long-time friend, neighbor, capable businessman and fellow property owner, Cameron McCaa and his equally capable wife Stephanie McCaa, the tag-team owners of Your Intown Home Property Management….  At some point I will turn over my family-owned properties to the McCaa's as well.”
-- Bruce M., Property Manager

PS, Jr. Apartment Resident, Inman Park

I have enjoyed living at 1099 Alta and appreciated your timely responses to any issues I had while in
the apartment Iwould recommend Your Intown Home to anyone looking to rent in Atlanta.

Home Owner

Thanks. Yes, I did receive it this week.
You have done a great job for us and we very much appreciate your great customer service.  Looking forward to another good year.
M.L., Ralph McGill Blvd, Atlanta


Ralph McGill, Atlanta, GA

Out of State Owner

Dear Cameron,
Received with thanks! Thank you for taking care of business so well.

J.B. - Ithaca, NY

Condo Owner Out of Area

Am so glad that you were able to vet him and see that he is not the kind of person that we or you need.  Many thanks....

Keep in touch and just continue doing the excellent job you do.


Property Owner Ridgewood Heights

Thanks to you and your staff for your work over the past two years. You were all very helpful and professional and I will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for a property manager. All the best!
M.H., Single Family Home Owner

Buckhead Condo Owner Residing Out of Town


You are the best....


254 N. Highland Ave., N.E., Suite 230-254, Atlanta, GA 30307